Thursday, April 24, 2014

Juice Boxes

Our school goal is to have fewer juice boxes in students’ lunches and snacks. Why?
·        Juice boxes create pollution: they are made and recycled in factories, which create pollution.
·        Juice boxes often have sugar included.
·        Fruit loses both fiber and nutrients when it is processed into juice
·        Fruit juices are often as high in calories and sugars as a serving of pop
·        A 650-milliliter juice box contains the calories of four whole apples, and a child can drink it in just seconds
·        Fruit juice can fill a child up so that he isn't hungry for his meal
·        Juice boxes are expensive, between 30-50 cents per box
·        Dental cavities are more likely  

The better choice? Raw fruits and veggies, and water. (in reusable bottles!) For more info, go to