The goal is to not have disposable paper, plastic, foam or foil. Here are some cool products that will help you make the shift. Most are made by people like you - ordinary people who came up with a great idea.
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Baggie Substitutes
Most people toss plastic baggies in the garbage after one or two uses. Even with washing, they don't last long. There are some great cloth baggies and snack wrappers that can be used instead.

Cotton baggie with polyester interior
Wast at the sink, or in dishwasher

For sandwiches, cut up dry fruit, veggies
It opens into a washable placemat, velcro close

Containers are available everywhere. Check your cupboards and local stores for cheap options.For people concerned about chemicals leaching from plastic into food, there are some cool alternatives.
Metal container, Divided interior
Two tiered & three tiered tiffins

A metal fork from home works well. There are also fun multi-utensil inventions and some made of different materials. 

Spork made in Sweden.
Plastic or titanium.
Bamboo utensils in recycled fabric caase 

For more cool utensils, click here

There are a lot of bottles out there. It's important to find one that works for you: material, size, type of mouth piece, weight, how it feels in your hand. A good water bottle goes everywhere with you!

Camelbak has a range of bottles, plastic,
metal, insulated, with filters, with carriers  
Bobbles have an internal replaceable
water filter that lasts about 6 months.  

Lunch Kits
Waste free lunches need a reusable lunch bag. Bento boxes are a cool alternative. 
Laptop Lunches: little compartments in one kit
Planet Box (metal)