Friday, May 25, 2012

What our Custodians think

Our custodians are very impressed with the success of our Waste Free Lunches. They say our total waste each day has been cut down by at least 67%, from 15 bags a day to about 5, for the whole school.

Since our big blitz during Earth Week, lunch waste been cut down even more. Last week Muriel picked up one bag of garbage after lunch for the whole school. For over 600 people, that's fabulous.

Last year we produced about 2700 bags of garbage in total during the school year. This year it will be about 900.

Holy cow!

The parents, kids and staff are all making this work. Way to go, Ecole Dickinsfield School!.

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  1. I just read about you guess in Fort McMurray Connect. Way to go! We love hearing stories of fellow zero-wasters, and we'd love to feature you in our monthly newsletter. Can you shoot me an email?